Windows: Before uninstalling Little Lot on Windows, you first need to exit the app. To do this you need to right click on the LL icon in the system tray and click ‘Exit’. The Little Lot app sits in your system tray (the icon menu in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop beside the clock). Sometimes you will need to click an ‘up’ arrow in the system tray to reveal the LL icon which launches our app window. Once you have exited the application, you can remove Little Lot like any other Windows application from Control Panel, by going to 'Programs & Features' and removing Little Lot.

Mac OSX: Find the Little Lot app icon in the top right system tray, click on it to open the app, then click ‘Quit’ or ‘Command Q’. Click ‘Go’ in the top file menu and select ‘Applications’. Drag any installs of Little Lot into trash and you’re done. If you're encountering issues with the app being in an active state but not visible, go to Search in the top right, find 'Activity Monitor' and force quit Little Lot. You should now be able to trash the files in the Applications folder. 

Android: You can either uninstall Little Lot from the Google Play Store or you can go Settings → Apps → Little Lot → Uninstall.

iOS: Hold down your finger over the Little Lot icon until it starts shaking then press the cross to remove Little Lot from your device.

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